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First Blog Post September 5, 2010

Filed under: CA 97A — The Student @ 4:38 am

Yay! I finally figured out enough to make a blog post… I’ve never really been a blogger, although I’ve tried it once or twice in the past. All these options that WordPress offers are a bit confusing… but I’ll get used to them in time, as long as I keep using this thing.

Soo, this blog is for my Ca 07A class, “Creating Web Pages”, and I’m supposed to use this blog to post about what I learn and related stuff like that. We’ll see.

The first thing I learned is just how confusing blogging can be. Sure, there are easy options, like Google Sites that I’ve used for other purposes. But this time around I want to challenge myself, explore my options, see whats out there.

The homework is piling up, so I’ll sign off here.